23 August, 2015

Dwarf Knight

Knight, member of Dwarves Drinkers Team
15mm model
art made by KURKArt
if You want to more info about DDT, check my FB page, dwarves will be growing up in number and available for a few month. If You want to see more arts of dwarves, just check KURKArt gallery

05 August, 2015



Model made for Afterglow, 32mm scale skirmish game

This model and many others You can get by crowdfunding campaign

I will add new photos of model I sculpted for this game for few days :)

29 July, 2015

Long time no see


I didn't write any post for a long time,  
Everyone who are following me on my Facebook Page know I'm still sculpting.
I decide I will be adding photos of models I made on this blog every few days.

Today I share with You my two victory:
I finally defended my Master Thesis and finished my study. 
I won Maow Miniatures sculpting contest: "Dress a dolly"

Myranda the Pyromancer:

This model will be available to buy from Maow Miniatures :)