12 May, 2013

Mushroom Familiars


In the spare time I have decided to sculpt few smaller mushroom familiars. You can see the difference in size on photo. This set is available on my indiegogo campaign - "Myconids from Gloom Glade".
Also, if the goal will by reached one set of those familiars would be included as a bonus to all those who ordered "court of Gloom Glade". All who got other perks (included Mushroom Familiar set) will also receive one random familiar if the campaign reaches its goal.

06 May, 2013

Myconids from Gloom Glade - my indiegogo project

I'd like to share with You my indiegogo project - Myconids from Gloom Glade.

Here is a link to indiegogo project page -> http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/myconids-from-gloom-glade

and also a link to facebook fanpage -> http://www.facebook.com/pages/Myconids-from-Gloom-Glade/576536225690828

Myconid from Gloom Glade is a pre-sale of miniatures based on Myconid race known from many RPG games.

If You like the miniatures and would like to see similar projects in the future please support my by sharing this with Your friends and/or buying our stuff from indiegogo project page.

First post ;)

this is my first post on this blog.
I decided to start new blog: all about my sculpting
I'll by sharing for You photos of my new sculpting and some VIPs :)

some people can know me as a miniature painter, now I'm sculptor, it gives me more joy

ok, lets start ;)