15 June, 2013

Kaer - Gnome Adventurer

It's time...
Almost 2 weeks ago I showed You first WIP photo of my new sculpture, today I present You final version of Gnome Adventurer - Kaer.
He is in 54mm scale, 43mm high (39mm to eyes line)

I'm thinking about casting this model in resin? Anybody interested about getting copy?

13 June, 2013

Gnome - First photo

I bought new camera few days ago, so my WIP photos will be better from now.
today I'll show You photos of gnome's face, so tell me what do You think?

I have question, maybe someone have an idea for his name?

08 June, 2013

Gnome - 4th WIP

as You can see, every other day I posted new WIP of my new miniature.
today photos of gnome in shorts

maybe You have had enough WIP photos and want to see finished miniature?

06 June, 2013

Gnome - 3th WIP

Two day have passed, time for new WIP photo of my newest project - Gnome in 54mm

How do You think, what face expression he has?

04 June, 2013

Gnome - 2nd WIP

Two days ago I showed You first WIP photo of my new model: Gnome in 54mm scale
Today second photos:

02 June, 2013

Gnome - First VIP

Few weeks ago I have started sculpting a new model - Gnome in 54mm scale.

Here is first WIP photo (sorry for quality, made with my smartphone)

I decided to show You step by step how I sculpt this model, so be patient and wait for new update :)
In few day I will show You next WIP

End of campain and my facebook page ;)

Hello :)
Only 5 days to end my Indiegogo campain: "Myconids from Gloom Glade"

I show two pictures, You can judge the quality of the resin cast for Yourselves:

Resin cast of King Mactus and a sprue with mushroom hats that will fit on the model to complete his crown

Awakened mushrooms in all their glory

... And here You have link to my facebook fan-page